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‘Tis the season, as they say, so this week at Gameplaywright I’ll be plugging a few things that I’ve gotten my hands on in the last few weeks which might also make fine gifts for yourself or the other game/story fan you’re shopping for. First up, though, is a quick plug of our own damn book. Yes, again. The brilliant and cunning fantasist, Jeff VanderMeer, author of City of Saints and Madmen and the still-new Predator novel called South China Sea, dropped some props on our book over at the Amazon blog, Omnivoracious. He implies that we may have even justified ourselves!

Want five good reasons to pick up our book? Click this link and there they are.

VanderMeer is also the co-editor of the wicked anthologies, Steampunk and Fast Ships, Black Sails (one is about pirates, the other gathers seminal or landmark steampunk stories, and I leave you to figure out which is which). Those are fine gifts, too, for your friends who are fans of the piratical and the steampunky. Gamers, it is a good bet, are either or both. They’re sure to find stories to love in each.

Later this week I’ll be celebrating very-small-press books from game writers you should know — though none of these books are games. I’ll also be giving away a copy of the Complete Edition of Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria, so do return for that.