The Bones Blog Carnival Begins

Posted by on Jun 1, 2010 in Dice, Fan Culture, Promotion, Writing | No Comments

With The Bones coming out this month, in both special and regular editions, we thought it would be a good and fun idea to promote some more conversation about dice and randomness and how we play with both. The clever Daniel M. Perez knew just how to make that happen. “A blog carnival,” he said, and Jeff and I nodded, digging it. “Yes,” we said. “But what is a blog carnival?”

Turns out it’s simple: You blog about dice and randomness and how we play with both—about how dice make us crazy, or how they inspire us—and link back to our Bones Blog Carnival hub page. Then you share the link to your blog as a comment on our Bones Blog Carnival hub page so others can find your post and you can find others’ posts.

We’ll be keeping this page open for a few weeks—sometime into July—to help us launch The Bones and facilitate conversation about dice and play. (We’ll also be looking, maybe, for an essay or two to include in the electronic edition of The Bones.)

Ready? Go!

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