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The nominees for the 2010 ENnie awards have been posted. These RPG-oriented awards do a good job of looking into some of the specific disciplines of RPG production (best writing, best production values) that more general hobby gaming awards like the Origins Awards just can’t address. Their award process, based on hard-working judges who’re elected themselves, is also a good one.

The ENies are awarded each year at GenCon. One of the ways that the ENnie staff raises money to support the awards is to auction off “Geek Dream Dates” with industry notables. As a GenCon Industry Insider Guest of Honor, yours truly will be up for auction this year. In addition to the good times of hanging out with my bad self during before and during the awards, I’m sweetening the pot with the promise of a game critique sometime in the coming year and a signed copy of Things We Think About Games. Fantasy Flight is also kicking in a copy of Horus Heresy. I’ll post more information about the auction when the ENnie people do.