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Hamlet's Hit Points Cover ImageI’m happy to say that our new book, Hamlet’s Hit Points, by RPG maestro Robin D. Laws, is now available for pre-order. Jump over to its product page to reserve your copy now. Copies ordered now will ship in mid-August when they get back from the printer.

If this is the first you’ve heard of this new book, Hamlet’s Hit Points presents a system for classifying story beats and tracking their ups and downs. It’s aimed at roleplayers of all types—from the stanchest grognards to the hippiest indies—and is great reading for GMs and players alike.

If you’re interested in snagging a copy at Gen Con, they’ll be available in limited quantities from the Indie Press Revolution and Adventure Retail booths. Robin will be signing copies at the IPR booth (#2339) on Thursday from 1:00–2:00pm and Saturday from 4:00–5:00pm.

Also at Gen Con, Robin will be presenting the system under the Hamlet’s Hit Points hood in a seminar scheduled for Friday from 10:00–11:00am in Marriott Indiana Ballroom F.

(Those in the market for even more Gameplaywright goodness at Gen Con should check out our Things We Think About Games roundtable on Saturday from 1:00–2:00pm, also in Marriott Indiana Ballroom F.)

A few people have asked us about a special edition or “first twenty” promotion. We’re skipping those preliminaries with Hamlet’s Hit Points. No special edition is needed—every copy is special!—and we’d like to make the full print run available right away. Our thanks to everyone who bought into our launch-time specials on Things We Think About Games and The Bones, though.

Be sure to watch Gameplaywright (grab the feed if you haven’t already) for more on Hamlet’s Hit Points in the coming days and weeks, including a Creative Commons release of the icons and arrows used for HHP beat maps.


  1. John Arcadian
    July 29, 2010

    Awesome. I’d read a few of Robin’s assessments of hamlet on his blog, but I was unaware this was through GPW. I’ll definitely be picking up a copy at Gencon.

  2. Robert
    July 30, 2010

    Your shipping to Canada is a bit steep: 35% of the price of the book!

  3. Jeff Tidball
    July 30, 2010

    We calculated our shipping costs, back when Things We Think About Games came out, to be as close as possible to what it actually costs us for materials and postage. We actually lose a bit of money shipping to some cross-Pacific countries, in favor of a flat S&H rate.

    We have decided to keep the flat rate in place no matter how many books you buy, so you’ll pay the same $7 for one book or all three. (Or multiple copies, for that matter.)

    Hamlet’s Hit Points will be distributed into the game trade through Impressions and its network of distributors, so if you have a good FLGS in your area, they’ll be able to get it for you. It’ll also be available through Amazon and IPR. (Which means that your FLGS can get if from IPR too, if they prefer that to regular distribution.) With any luck, one of those options will get you a copy with the economy you desire.


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