One Cool Thing I Saw After Gen Con 2011

Posted by on Aug 10, 2011 in Conventions, Fan Culture | 2 Comments

We’re back from Gen Con. Until I (Will) get caught up on email on deliverables, I’ll just leave this here for you to see, if you haven’t seen it already. The exclamation point at the end of any convention is, of late, Jason Morningstar’s “One Cool Thing” video project.

Here’s the newest video in the series: One Cool Thing I Saw At Gen Con 2011.

What was one cool thing that you saw at (or from!) Gen Con, even if you saw it via blog, Twitter, or podcast because you couldn’t make it out to Indy this year?


  1. John Taber
    August 10, 2011

    I loved these videos from Jason. The one cool thing I heard about about as I fantasized about attending GenCon was that Margret Wies Productions got the Marvel license. 🙂

  2. Thomas D
    August 11, 2011

    The one cool thing I saw at GenCon was the diversity of gamerdom. Men and women; older adults, younger adults, teenagers, and kids; skin colors across the spectrum; husbands and wives, husbands and husbands, wives and wives. It’s not just “old overweight white guys with ratty beards”.


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