Daniel Solis on Card Design and Package Design

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Daniel Solis has written a quick but extremely insightful and well-illustrated post about the relationship between package design and card design on his blog. It’s all about Iterative Visuals. Start with one baseline, change one or two things, and always only change those one or two things for each iteration. The game design and publishing […]

Real Educational Impact

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The argument’s made from time to time that to teach something really effectively, you have to make it interesting. Game designers sometimes make the follow-up point that games are pretty interesting. Everybody knows that gerrymandering is a nonsense process of carving up voting districts to better serve incumbents in future elections by reshaping the areas […]

What Not To Do

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At a GenCon auction ten or twelve years ago, someone suggested to me that the greatest tragedy that can befall a wargame is to be auctioned in a state where the shrinkwrap has been removed but the counters remain unpunched. Someone wanted to love this game but never began preparing to actually play. The game […]

A Grown-up Game Business

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On Facebook recently, my friend Miranda Horner — an accomplished game editor who works primarily on Dungeons & Dragons for Wizards of the Coast — posted this: I want my chosen industry, the tabletop gaming industry, to be so successful overall that it can afford to take people away from the computer gaming industry instead of […]


It’s been a while, Gameplaywriters, and I apologize for that. New high-stress job, move to a new city, and all that. But LinkedIn just reminded me of something that I wanted to drop in and memorialize: Gameplaywright is five years old this month. Stick around, if you will. Interesting things ahead.