#TableTop Returns

Geek & Sundry’s fun and fantastic series about games and gamers, TableTop, is returning for a new season of episodes as soon as April 4th. This is wonderful and welcome news. Host and producer Wil Wheaton hints at some of the games and guests to feature on the show over at Wil Wheaton dot Net […]

Hardwick's Lathery Foam

Chris Hardwick, he who founded The Nerdist empire (or, if not empire, then duchy) and hosts the likes of the Nerdist podcast and The Talking Dead, has a book coming out called, fittingly, The Nerdist Way. Hardwick’s also an occasional contributor to Wired (a magazine I like very much) and this month that magazine sports […]

7 Wonders and Bears! at #Origins2011

This is a short one. I mentioned earlier that I’d played 7 Wonders and Bears! at #Origins2011 and I wanted to say a little bit about them, still. This was my second time playing 7 Wonders — or almost. I came into the middle of a game in progress and took someone else’s seat while […]

Everyone's Awards

You have a single prize to award to one noun — person, place, thing, or event — in recognition of excellence in gaming for the previous year, from July 2010 to July 2011. This is a prize of celebration and recognition only. No trophy, no money, no stickers, no medals. What do you call your […]

Question: What's Your Gaming Memory of 2010?

Posted by on Dec 29, 2010 in ARGs, Board Games, card games, Question, RPGs | 15 Comments

2010 is on its way out. You’ve played a lot of games this year. What sticks out? Not the titles—not just the titles—but the big wins and the bad beats. What do you recall from this year’s epic battles, risky bets, sly bargains, and other outré gaming maneuvers? As a DM this year, I beheaded […]

Game Card Prototyping 101

Posted by on Oct 20, 2010 in card games, Design | 16 Comments

I just re-ordered labels for playing card prototyping, and thought I’d share the specifics. If you’re going to be mocking up game cards, you’re going to want 8-up name-tag size labels, 3.375 inches by 2.3125 inches. I have no idea what the Avery number is, but you’re a chump if you pay Avery prices, because […]

Iconica and Etsy

Geek Dad just spotlighted a lovely looking new game, Iconica, over on their blog. The game could be great — I have no idea. What strikes me about it, what has captured my imagination, is its venue. Iconica is for sale on Etsy. I like Etsy — it’s what my wife uses to sell her […]

The Physicality of Play

Every now and again, I open up my Tumblr account’s “Ask Me” feature, to get blog fodder from folks on the Internet. Last week, I got a gaming question that I thought we should talk about here. The question in question: When you play games online, the physicality of them changes: for example, you click […]

Are You Plugged In?

This past weekend, Adam Jury wrote about a gamer he met who isn’t plugged in to the larger network. On Monday nights, I play with some gamers who are only loosely plugged in beyond their one weekly play session. Even I’m not plugged in like I used to be — I hardly post on RPGnet […]

Playing with Juul's Criteria

In his post on paragaming, Jesper Juul (Half-Real) cites a few fundamental criteria for good video-game design, each of which is violated by China Miner, a game that he enjoys despite, and because of, its faults. (Each of these might be thought of as a Thing Juul Thinks About Games.) This list of criteria (for […]