The Worst Dungeon World Game I Played At Gen Con And How It Was My Fault

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We’ve talked here before about the worst game sessions we’ve ever presided over as GM. I don’t think this one was my worst ever but it was certainly my worst in recent memory — my worst ever playing Dungeon World, for sure — and it was at a big table of eager players during a […]


PAX East obliterated Jared Sorensen’s voice but he still had an event left to run. Players were counting on him. The convention schedule had the game session locked in. Sorensen, his voice already spent on conversations and events in the noisy convention venues, seemed fucked. But Jared Sorensen didn’t quit. Sorensen was on the hook […]

Think You Think: Audio from GenCon

Friend of Gameplaywright Jason Pitre recorded our GenCon roundtable “Things You Think About Games,” and has posted it online at his website. Check out his other recordings from the convention as well. Things You Think About Games Roundtable Recording

One Cool Thing I Saw After Gen Con 2011

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We’re back from Gen Con. Until I (Will) get caught up on email on deliverables, I’ll just leave this here for you to see, if you haven’t seen it already. The exclamation point at the end of any convention is, of late, Jason Morningstar’s “One Cool Thing” video project. Here’s the newest video in the series: One […]

Gameplaywright at GenCon

We hope you’ll join us for two Gameplaywright events at GenCon this week: Robin Laws will be talking about Hamlet’s Hit Points, presenting the system of analysis behind his ENnie-nominated book and taking questions about its theory and application. (Friday, 10:00 am, Marriott Santa Fe) What do Dr. No, Casablanca, and Shakespeare have to teach us […]