PAX East obliterated Jared Sorensen’s voice but he still had an event left to run. Players were counting on him. The convention schedule had the game session locked in. Sorensen, his voice already spent on conversations and events in the noisy convention venues, seemed fucked. But Jared Sorensen didn’t quit. Sorensen was on the hook […]

Wil Wheaton's New TableTop

Writer, actor, geek, gamer, and producer Wil Wheaton has a shiny new web series coming to the shiny new YouTube channel, Geek and Sundry. The show’s called TableTop and its something like Celebrity Poker meets Dinner For Five except instead of dinner or poker there are fun and funny people playing fun and funny tabletop games. The first […]

Skip It: Combat, Barriers, and the Identity of Games

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This isn’t about the unfair treatment of professionals who dare to voice unconventional ideas. We won’t discuss here the specifics of ugly incidents making the rounds online lately. Comments that stray into that turf will be deleted. This post is about what it’s about: considering a compelling and somewhat riling idea. If, by considering it […]

The Multi-Game Campaign

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I’ve wanted to do this but never have. Have you done it? The idea is simple, the execution complex. For each major chapter in your RPG campaign, you use a different game to resolve the action. You hack and modify the games you want to use like crazy, some more than others. What starts as an […]

Hardwick's Lathery Foam

Chris Hardwick, he who founded The Nerdist empire (or, if not empire, then duchy) and hosts the likes of the Nerdist podcast and The Talking Dead, has a book coming out called, fittingly, The Nerdist Way. Hardwick’s also an occasional contributor to Wired (a magazine I like very much) and this month that magazine sports […]

Gods of the Game

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Although it apparently caused great furor, Chain World was news to me when I read the article “Chain World Videogame Was Supposed to be a Religion—Not a Holy War” on last night. There’s no sense recapitulating the article’s contents here (read it!), but as the very briefest summary, it concerns Jason Rohrer—designer of the […]

An Interview with Artist Noah Bradley

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[“As Darkness Rises,” by Noah Bradley, © Wizards of the Coast] Will here. A couple of weeks ago, I had a short article published in Dungeon Magazine #189 part of D&D Insider—my first official piece for Dungeons & Dragons, like, ever. (You need a subscription to D&D Insider to get access to Dungeon content.) The […]

Remixing Board Games

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I heard about this via Boing Boing, which means you’ve probably already heard about it, but in case you haven’t, I’m mentioning it here, too: The Board Game Remix Kit. You know what this is. You take the components of popular and ubiquitous games like Monopoly, Clue, and Scrabble and you reconstitute them into new […]

Justin Keeps it Weird

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Justin Achilli put up a great blog post yesterday—“Worldbuilding: Keep It Weird, Part Two”—about a 90/10 technique for spinning creative projects in a way that helps you hit both “accessible” and “intriguing,” which is always a bedevilingly shifty target. The 90/10 rule states that when executing a given concept, 90 percent of that concept should […]

McGonigal on Evoke

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Matt Forbeck mentioned Evoke in a comment on my previous post about didacticism, and it occurred to me that we haven’t really talked about it on the site, yet. Aside from the actual website for the game — — most of my opinion on it was formed by an interview with designer Jane McGonical […]