PAX East obliterated Jared Sorensen’s voice but he still had an event left to run. Players were counting on him. The convention schedule had the game session locked in. Sorensen, his voice already spent on conversations and events in the noisy convention venues, seemed fucked. But Jared Sorensen didn’t quit. Sorensen was on the hook […]

Wil Wheaton's New TableTop

Writer, actor, geek, gamer, and producer Wil Wheaton has a shiny new web series coming to the shiny new YouTube channel, Geek and Sundry. The show’s called TableTop and its something like Celebrity Poker meets Dinner For Five except instead of dinner or poker there are fun and funny people playing fun and funny tabletop games. The first […]

Gameplaywright at GenCon

We hope you’ll join us for two Gameplaywright events at GenCon this week: Robin Laws will be talking about Hamlet’s Hit Points, presenting the system of analysis behind his ENnie-nominated book and taking questions about its theory and application. (Friday, 10:00 am, Marriott Santa Fe) What do Dr. No, Casablanca, and Shakespeare have to teach us […]

Will @ Gen Con 2011

I’m sure you’ve been waiting with breath all bated for this. It’s my Gen Con Indy schedule for 2011. If you’re looking for me at Gen Con this year, you’ll find me at the following places (and at sundry other places in the gaps within this schedule). You’ll notice that I don’t have a lot […]

Origins 2011 in the Rear-View

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It’s my goal to write about #Origins2011 every day this week. This is tricky. How much do you want to hear about a convention that already happened, right? Probably not a lot. I played a lot of compelling games, though, and want to share some of what I’ve learned by playing them. Not counting playtests, […]

Everyone's Awards

You have a single prize to award to one noun — person, place, thing, or event — in recognition of excellence in gaming for the previous year, from July 2010 to July 2011. This is a prize of celebration and recognition only. No trophy, no money, no stickers, no medals. What do you call your […]

Fear and Loathing at the FFG Event Center

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I was about one hundred feet north of the four-way stop at the intersection of County Road B2 and Prior Avenue when the drugs took hold. My rules lawyer—a burly Samoan—advised me to hit the brakes, but I don’t think he’s been reading the newspapers. Either that or he didn’t realize he was riding in […]