Mike Sugarbaker Tackles the Definition of an RPG

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I love the question, “What is a roleplaying game?” I loathe the same question. We all contain multitudes. Apparently, I’ve recently taken to talking about roleplaying games and story games with one of my weekly gaming groups in a particular way. What way? I don’t know, exactly. I was just blathering something about how I […]

Gameplaywright at GenCon

We hope you’ll join us for two Gameplaywright events at GenCon this week: Robin Laws will be talking about┬áHamlet’s Hit Points, presenting the system of analysis behind his ENnie-nominated book and taking questions about its theory and application. (Friday, 10:00 am, Marriott Santa Fe) What do Dr. No, Casablanca, and Shakespeare have to teach us […]

Hamlet’s Hit Points Nominated for Origins Award

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Last week, the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design announced their list of nominees for the 37th annual Origins Awards.┬áHamlet’s Hit Points is among four other titles nominated for best game-related publication, and we think that’s pretty damn great. As Robin expressed in his LiveJournal post, we’re quite grateful to the retailers and jurors […]

Battle Beats

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Sarah Darkmagic has written a great post at Critical Hits, “Hope and Fear,” about how to use Hamlet’s Hit Points story beats inside an unfolding combat. She talks about specific mechanical elements of Dungeons & Dragons, but her thinking is more than sound for any roleplaying game. Check it out.

Dr. No Can Teach Us Anything

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Hamlet’s Hit Points uses Dr. No as one of three working examples that demonstrate the book’s taxonomy of dramatic beats. A recent post on Clothes on Film uses Dr. No to go into mind-boggling depth on lounge suits and their variations. It’s a film, it seems, with the capacity to illuminate just about anything worth […]