Mike Sugarbaker Tackles the Definition of an RPG

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I love the question, “What is a roleplaying game?” I loathe the same question. We all contain multitudes. Apparently, I’ve recently taken to talking about roleplaying games and story games with one of my weekly gaming groups in a particular way. What way? I don’t know, exactly. I was just blathering something about how I […]

Gameplaywright at GenCon

We hope you’ll join us for two Gameplaywright events at GenCon this week: Robin Laws will be talking about┬áHamlet’s Hit Points, presenting the system of analysis behind his ENnie-nominated book and taking questions about its theory and application. (Friday, 10:00 am, Marriott Santa Fe) What do Dr. No, Casablanca, and Shakespeare have to teach us […]

Hamlet's Hit Points Nominated for Origins Award

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Last week, the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design announced their list of nominees for the 37th annual Origins Awards.┬áHamlet’s Hit Points is among four other titles nominated for best game-related publication, and we think that’s pretty damn great. As Robin expressed in his LiveJournal post, we’re quite grateful to the retailers and jurors […]

Battle Beats

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Sarah Darkmagic has written a great post at Critical Hits, “Hope and Fear,” about how to use Hamlet’s Hit Points story beats inside an unfolding combat. She talks about specific mechanical elements of Dungeons & Dragons, but her thinking is more than sound for any roleplaying game. Check it out.

Dr. No Can Teach Us Anything

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Hamlet’s Hit Points uses Dr. No as one of three working examples that demonstrate the book’s taxonomy of dramatic beats. A recent post on Clothes on Film uses Dr. No to go into mind-boggling depth on lounge suits and their variations. It’s a film, it seems, with the capacity to illuminate just about anything worth […]

Icons and Arrows for Omnigraffle

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Helpful Gameplaywright reader Josh Street created an Omnigraffle stencil file out of the Hamlet’s Hit Points arrows and icons and sent it over to us. It’s been added to the original post where we put the HHP graphics up under a Creative Commons license. That post will continue to serve as the canonical depository of […]

We're Live on e23

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Steve Jackson Games fans rejoice! As of yesterday, Hamlet’s Hit Points and Things We Think About Games are available from e23 in their PDF editions. Hamlet’s Hit Points PDF edition at e23. Things We Think About Games PDF edition at e23.

More HHP Graphic Formats

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Last week, helpful Gameplaywright reader Matt Anderson sent over a set of Hamlet’s Hit Points arrows and icons that he simplified (without altering their appearance) and assembled into a symbol library for Illustrator. A couple of weeks ago, Simon Rogers sent over a symbol catalog that makes the HHP images available inside Campaign Cartographer. Both […]

GenCon HHP Seminar Audio

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At our GenCon Hamlet’s Hit Points seminar, Gamer’s Haven was on hand to record audio of Robin’s presentation. Have a listen for the lowdown on HHP-style beat analysis, and some insightful Q&A.

Hamlet's Hit Points Icons and Arrows

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Hamlet’s Hit Points presents a system for analyzing stories based on nine beat types and the story’s ups and downs between hope and fear. In the book, beat maps show both the beat types and the emotional movements in an easy-to-digest way. We wanted to make the icons and arrows we used to build those […]