Indiana Jones and the Game of Destiny

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The idea is not to recreate the forward momentum of an Indiana Jones movie, because the movies do that already, but to create a uniquely interactive experience that draws on cinematic techniques and ludic mechanisms in equal measure.

Indy’s Game

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During play, when Indiana Jones is in combat, he must keep moving. Conveyor belts, roving tanks, speeding cars—all these are preferable to standing around fighting, both for Indy and for us in the audience.

Review the Game You Got

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Again with War in the North. I’m using this game to explore some questions because (a) I am currently playing it and (b) because it’s a relatable property even if you’re not playing it—I feel safe assuming that many of you have seen the Lord of the Rings movies or know of them. War in […]

We Don’t Tell Stories Anymore

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Over the weekend, Will threw up a tweet pointing to a relatively short GQ piece called “The Day the Movies Died.” It laments Hollywood’s apparent wall-to-wall dismissal of Inception‘s critical and commercial success. [I]t’s really bad news when the industry essentially rejects a success, when a movie that should have spawned two dozen taste-based gambles […]

Additional Random Thoughts on Licensing

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Apropos of my earlier post on Steve Long’s licensed games op-ed piece: Roleplaying games are not very easy to adapt to traditional narrative forms like novels and films because the most important thing about traditional narrative forms are their protagonists and the things they want, but nearly every RPG begins with the premise that the […]