Question: Sci-Fi Doesn’t Sell?

Posted by on Jun 4, 2010 in Musing, Question, Sci Fi | 25 Comments

More than a few times, and bordering on a lot, I’ve been told by more experienced folk in the gaming business that sci-fi games simply don’t sell. Sci-fi RPGs, be they Alternity or Trinity, fail to find the kind of audiences that fantasy RPGs do, be they D&D or Vampire. For sci-fi elements to sell, […]

i4e for D&D

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A while back, I asked, “Where is the D&D App?” and a few of you answered. One of you being Mike Pattee, developer of the i4e app for iPhones and iPods Touch. Full disclosure: this short review is based on a complimentary copy of the app, from Mr. Pattee. Further disclosure: I don’t own an […]

Sam Fisher’s Traits

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Right now, my head is at the intersection of the Splinter Cell: Conviction demo, the Lady Blackbird game mechanics, and the stealth-action RPG rules I’m brewing on the side. What I like about the Trait-and-Tag language is the way that it casts every character as more than one thing, which the player must choose from […]

Three Quests of Lothlorien

Posted by on Mar 5, 2010 in Fantasy, MMOs, Musing | 2 Comments

A few weekends ago, I started doing some quests in the Lothlórien region of LOTRO’s Middle-earth, after spending quite a bit of time away from the game. I’m in that high-level slog where I’m eking through late levels in the hopes of catching up with the end-game content, and for a while I was pretty […]

McGonigal on Evoke

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Matt Forbeck mentioned Evoke in a comment on my previous post about didacticism, and it occurred to me that we haven’t really talked about it on the site, yet. Aside from the actual website for the game — — most of my opinion on it was formed by an interview with designer Jane McGonical […]