The Worst Dungeon World Game I Played At Gen Con And How It Was My Fault

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We’ve talked here before about the worst game sessions we’ve ever presided over as GM. I don’t think this one was my worst ever but it was certainly my worst in recent memory — my worst ever playing Dungeon World, for sure — and it was at a big table of eager players during a […]

#TableTop Returns

Geek & Sundry’s fun and fantastic series about games and gamers, TableTop, is returning for a new season of episodes as soon as April 4th. This is wonderful and welcome news. Host and producer Wil Wheaton hints at some of the games and guests to feature on the show over at Wil Wheaton dot Net […]


PAX East obliterated Jared Sorensen’s voice but he still had an event left to run. Players were counting on him. The convention schedule had the game session locked in. Sorensen, his voice already spent on conversations and events in the noisy convention venues, seemed fucked. But Jared Sorensen didn’t quit. Sorensen was on the hook […]

The Multi-Game Campaign

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I’ve wanted to do this but never have. Have you done it? The idea is simple, the execution complex. For each major chapter in your RPG campaign, you use a different game to resolve the action. You hack and modify the games you want to use like crazy, some more than others. What starts as an […]

The Lineup: Predefining Player-Selected NPC Relationships

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I laid out seven cards I’d selected from Paizo’s GameMastery deck, Urban NPCs, in a row at the middle of the table, where both of my regular players could see them. Without any preview or overview, I tasked my players with answering the questions below. (I actually even changed the order of the questions at […]

Emerge and Be Recognized

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What about traits that emerge during play between characters? What about traits that describe a group of characters, like an adventuring party or a superhero team? I’m thinking out loud about this because of something Sage LaTorra wrote about yesterday on Twitter. While discussing the place that group traits might have (or might not have) […]

License to Roam

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I’ve just scratched the surface of Lord of the Rings: War in the North but I’d been looking forward to this game for a while. What drew me in was its promise of an original story set in Middle-earth’s less-visited locales, like Mirkwood or the ruined city of  Fornost, all rendered with a mix of the […]

Question: When Do You Fudge the Dice?

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Today, on Twitter, Rob Donoghue (@RDonoghue) asked: GMs: If you strongly object to dice fudging, do you equally strongly support data transparency, such as visible enemy stats & Powers? After some dialogue, Tracy Hurley (@SarahDarkmagic) wrote: To turn it around, why shouldn’t players fudge their own rolls so that they have more control over their […]

Question: Is This A Custom Move?

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In this fascinating thread over at Story Games, a few Apocalypse World players are wrestling with one player’s actual-play issues and discussing some of the edges of the Apocalypse World GM’s job. (I think.) In that thread, you’ll find some discussion of whether or not one GM’s approach to play is meant to be “part of […]

Rewarding History

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Another week, another question from my tumblelog that I think is best served by hearing multiple voices sound off on the subject. I could sound off on this alone, but I know some of you have approaches that I haven’t thought of, so let’s hear them. This time, it’s a question of GM style and […]