New Blogging and Updates

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Hi there! We’re renovating the site over the next few months, so some content might move around a bit. If you want to see what we’re blogging these days, you can see that here at A few new developments are forthcoming this year, so stay tuned for info on those. In the meantime, you […]

The Uncharted Trailer (PS4)

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This Uncharted PS4 Trailer reveals that a new installment of the hit series is coming to the new PlayStation. Good. I came this close to shelling out for a Vita just to play Uncharted: Golden Abyss. (I settled for watching the cinematics on YouTube.) Here’s the thing about this trailer and me: It’s possible that Uncharted may […]

#TableTop Returns

Geek & Sundry’s fun and fantastic series about games and gamers, TableTop, is returning for a new season of episodes as soon as April 4th. This is wonderful and welcome news. Host and producer Wil Wheaton hints at some of the games and guests to feature on the show over at Wil Wheaton dot Net […]

State of Affairs or State Fairs or Something

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Just a quick update for those of you who have noticed that Gameplaywright’s blog has left fallow for months: Things are afoot here at GPW but we’ve shifted from a short-term view to a long-term view for a while. We’re brewing up new books, for that long run, and the time for such thoughts and […]

Wil Wheaton's New TableTop

Writer, actor, geek, gamer, and producer Wil Wheaton has a shiny new web series coming to the shiny new YouTube channel, Geek and Sundry. The show’s called TableTop and its something like Celebrity Poker meets Dinner For Five except instead of dinner or poker there are fun and funny people playing fun and funny tabletop games. The first […]

Always/Never/Now Has Launched

I hesitated to post this here because this isn’t a Gameplaywright project, but you might be interested in seeing it all the same. I’ve launched my first Kickstarter campaign to fund the completion and publication of a story-game adventure called Always/Never/Now. Everything you need to know is at this link. Truth is, I’m eager to […]

Show Us The Bones

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Writer and editor James Lowder, one of the many talented contributors to The Bones: Us and Our Dice, kindly gave us a few copies of the superhero anthology he mentions in his Bones essay. We thought we’d pass them on to you, dear readers. At first, I thought I’d offer them to the next few […]

Hamlet's Hit Points is Go

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I’m happy to say that our new book, Hamlet’s Hit Points, by RPG maestro Robin D. Laws, is now available for pre-order. Jump over to its product page to reserve your copy now. Copies ordered now will ship in mid-August when they get back from the printer. If this is the first you’ve heard of […]

The Bones Blog Carnival Begins

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With The Bones coming out this month, in both special and regular editions, we thought it would be a good and fun idea to promote some more conversation about dice and randomness and how we play with both. The clever Daniel M. Perez knew just how to make that happen. “A blog carnival,” he said, […]

Eternal Lies: The Soundtrack

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If you follow Will or I on Twitter (we’re @wordwill and @jefftidball, respectively), or pay attention to the news coming out of Pelgrane Press, you may be aware that Will and I are co-writing a massive Trail of Cthulhu campaign called Eternal Lies. We’re both pretty stoked that Eternal Lies will be getting its own […]