Real Educational Impact

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The argument’s made from time to time that to teach something really effectively, you have to make it interesting. Game designers sometimes make the follow-up point that games are pretty interesting. Everybody knows that gerrymandering is a nonsense process of carving up voting districts to better serve incumbents in future elections by reshaping the areas […]

Matt Snyder's Marvelous Road Map

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Game designer Matt Snyder recently launched an open game design project with the goal of creating a modular tabletop RPG game system that individual game-makers can use as a blasting-off point for their own designs. Matt suggests that the goal is worthwhile for two reasons. First, it gives game-players “a great go-to game that they […]

Rooksbridge and the Indie Spirit

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At the beginning of Chris Pramas’s recent interview with The Escapist about the upcoming Green Ronin Dragon Age RPG, he starts generally, talking about the success of Green Ronin. If you have the passion, just go for it.… It’s much easier to get your own company going than it used to be because you can […]

Rules and Customs for Playing the Game

Posted by on Jun 2, 2009 in Movies, Props, Story, Writing | 12 Comments

Here’s a weird confluence of story and game for you: I’m working on a screenplay that’s about—among other things—people who play a particular game. This has been done before, of course. Take Jumanji, Zathura, and perhaps most obviously, The Game. In these cases and others that are similar, the game that’s the basis of the […]


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I got a mass e-mail the other day putting out the word that nominations are open for the annual Humanitas prizes, which are awarded to screenwriters working in both film and television, to “encourage, stimulate and sustain the nation’s screenwriters in their humanizing task, and to give them the recognition they deserve.” According to the […]

Play Experiment: The Unreliable Narrator

Posted by on Jan 10, 2008 in Accessories, Musing, Props, RPGs, Story | 5 Comments

It started as a simple fantasy-RPG play experiment: Could I mash-up a bunch of genre references, a handful of game accessories, an undercooked experimental game mechanic, and a few weekday hours into some kind of crazy, bawdy crime story? It turned into a collaborative storytelling farce, well balanced (quite by chance) as a device for […]

Wii! Ghostbusters!

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The Ghostbusters’ proton-pack is the fantasy device second-most-urgently calling out to be adapted to the wiimote, right after the lightsaber. Good news, then, that Ghostbusters 3 will be a video game. Though we’ll see versions for the 360, PS3, PS2 and Nintendo DS, it’s Ghostbusters for the Wii that’s got me thinking…