A Grown-up Game Business

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On Facebook recently, my friend Miranda Horner — an accomplished game editor who works primarily on Dungeons & Dragons for Wizards of the Coast — posted this: I want my chosen industry, the tabletop gaming industry, to be so successful overall that it can afford to take people away from the computer gaming industry instead of […]


It’s been a while, Gameplaywriters, and I apologize for that. New high-stress job, move to a new city, and all that. But LinkedIn just reminded me of something that I wanted to drop in and memorialize: Gameplaywright is five years old this month. Stick around, if you will. Interesting things ahead.

Is It Good Enough?

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Good enough, for those that seek perfection, is what we call it when it’s sufficient to surpass the standards we’ve set. Anything beyond good enough is called stalling and a waste of time. Per “How Do You Know When It’s Done?,” on Seth Godin’s blog.