Daniel Solis on Card Design and Package Design

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Daniel Solis has written a quick but extremely insightful and well-illustrated post about the relationship between package design and card design on his blog. It’s all about Iterative Visuals. Start with one baseline, change one or two things, and always only change those one or two things for each iteration. The game design and publishing […]


It’s been a while, Gameplaywriters, and I apologize for that. New high-stress job, move to a new city, and all that. But LinkedIn just reminded me of something that I wanted to drop in and memorialize: Gameplaywright is five years old this month. Stick around, if you will. Interesting things ahead.

Bugbear Stew (And Other Recipes)

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This post is actually two posts—maybe three—but I’ve chosen not break it up because they’re all entangled in my head so I’m sharing this more or less as it occurred to me, which is honest, at least. An idea you don’t agree with might come to you in a metaphor. That metaphor is like armor […]

The Voice of the Northsea Saga

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This is about inspiration. This is about narrowing down an infinite array of potential attitudes and ideas into a smaller headspace, a common playground with a common language — someplace where I can say the word viking and conjure the right kind of image. This is about getting our instincts and imaginations to overlap, so […]

Jet Pack Is Go

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Jet-Pack.net Launching today, with Wood Ingham, Chuck Wendig, and myself. Why? Read “The Dirty Model” and find out.

Link: Mint 1893 Board Game

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It’s not as remarkable as discovering, say, a beautifully preserved Senet board, but for game fans this is still something. Have a look at the condition of the 1893 baseball-themed board game discovered in the eaves of an estate house in Missouri: according to this short video report from CNN.com, it is one of only […]