New Blogging and Updates

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Hi there! We’re renovating the site over the next few months, so some content might move around a bit. If you want to see what we’re blogging these days, you can see that here at A few new developments are forthcoming this year, so stay tuned for info on those. In the meantime, you […]


It’s been a while, Gameplaywriters, and I apologize for that. New high-stress job, move to a new city, and all that. But LinkedIn just reminded me of something that I wanted to drop in and memorialize: Gameplaywright is five years old this month. Stick around, if you will. Interesting things ahead.

Eternal Lies Design Notes #1

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Eternal Lies is a beast of a campaign, and although it was announced a while ago, don’t let the relative radio-silence fool you. Will and I have been hard at work conceiving, breaking down, and then writing the locales and make up the greater campaign. If you follow me on Twitter (@jefftidball) or search for […]