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Cover by John Harper

Zombies control the city. Humanity holds on within a towering enclave. Precious supplies remain out in the abandoned city, waiting to be reclaimed. To get these supplies, you must go roof-to-roof, dodging zombies and staying clear of the lethal mist that clings to the streets. In other words, the situation is this: Parkour or die.

From Daniel Solis (Happy Birthday, Robot) and John Harper (Lady Blackbird), comes this clever hack of Apocalypse World about inventory management (using stacks of coins), rooftop acrobatics, and menacing zombies, called Dead Weight. You now know almost everything I know about it, but if you want to you can see John Harper work on this thing, practically in real time, by following along on this thread at Story Games. It includes links to a live Google Doc containing the nascent designs behind this free game. Have a look.