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The Bones

The Bones

Writer and editor James Lowder, one of the many talented contributors to The Bones: Us and Our Dice, kindly gave us a few copies of the superhero anthology he mentions in his Bones essay. We thought we’d pass them on to you, dear readers.

At first, I thought I’d offer them to the next few people to buy The Bones, but I realized that I didn’t want to offer them up just to new buyers and forsake those of you who had already ordered the book or been gifted a copy over the holidays. So, how about this: You show us a picture of yourself with a copy of The Bones out in the world somewhere and we’ll hold a drawing. Five (5) of you who send in photos will be randomly selected to get a copy of the superhero fiction anthology, Path of the Bold, edited (and signed!) by James Lowder.

Path of the Bold collects fifteen superhero tales from the likes of Robert Weinberg, John Kovalic, Stewart Wieck, Dennis Detwiller, Lucien Soulban, Jesse Scoble, and more. Read a review here.

Here’s the deal:

You take a picture of yourself with The Bones and email it to us at service (at) gameplaywright (dot) net. Nothing bigger than 2-3 MB, please. This can be a picture of you with your computer screen showing the PDF edition of the book, this can be a picture of you with a copy of the book in a store somewhere, this can be a picture of you with a loaner. Whatever. We just want to see where some of the copies of the book ended up.

Only photos received by Monday, January 17th are eligible. (We are on Central Time here in the US, for the record.)

Contributors to The Bones are not eligible.

We’ll randomly select 5 photos. The senders of those photos get an email from us seeking an address where we can send them a copy of Path of the Bold. We’ll spring for shipping in the United States (Media Mail, most likely).

We may share some of the photos we get here on Gameplaywright, so don’t send something you wouldn’t want posted publicly.

Sound good? Then get out there and grab a shot of yourself with The Bones!