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The current issue of Wired magazine—February, 2011—contains a code. Actually, that’s not right. It contains codes. Multitudes.

The issue seems to be a kind of superpuzzle hinging on secret languages. “Solving this test may be useful in finding the method of opening the door to the gathering of the Ring of Dishonor,” says the Decode blog, “though you may need a copy of the February issue to determine how.”

This puzzle, designed by the powerhouse minds of Lone Shark Games, is enticing but perhaps out of my league. I admire great puzzles much as I admire great portraiture or a brilliant musical performance—with a twinge of jealousy and a lot of mystification. Every now and again, I go through moments of lucidity where I can devise or decrypt a good puzzle (I’ve written a few into RPG adventures over the years), but my mind is on other things right now. I cannot spare the processing power to crack these codes.

You’re a clever bunch. Any of you giving this a shot?