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The short list for this year’s Diana Jones Award has been revealed and, as is ordinary for these extraordinary awards, it’s a wonderful list. I got it from Robin D. Laws’ livejournal, but Matt Forbeck has the list all linked up: Diana Jones Award Press Release. It’s the home of the press release until the official DJA website gets descriptions of the nominated games posted (and this year they’re all games), sooner or later.

In alphabetical order, the nominated games are:

  • Catacombs, a board game from Sands of Time Games, by Ryan Amos, Marc Kelsy, and Aron West
  • The Dresden Files Roleplaying Game from Evil Hat Productions, by Leonard Balsera, Jim Butcher, Genevieve Cogman, Rob Donaghue, Fred Hicks, Kenneth Hite, Ryan Macklin, Chad Underkoffler, and Clark Valentine
  • Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space, a board game from Santa Ragione andCranio Creations, by Mario Porpora, Pietro Righi Riva, Luca Francesco Rossi, and Nicolò Tedeschi
  • Fiasco, a roleplaying game from Bully Pulpit Games, by Jason Morningstar
  • Freemarket, a roleplaying game from Sorencrane MCRZ, by Luke Crane and Jared Sorensen

I (Will) am a big fan of the Diana Jones Awards. They represent a degree of raw enthusiasm and appreciation that I dig. I can’t wait to find out what wins.