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We hope you’ll join us for two Gameplaywright events at GenCon this week:

Robin Laws will be talking about¬†Hamlet’s Hit Points, presenting the system of analysis behind his ENnie-nominated book and taking questions about its theory and application. (Friday, 10:00 am, Marriott Santa Fe)

What do Dr. No, Casablanca, and Shakespeare have to teach us about making the stories in our RPGs awesome? Roleplaying design authority and virtuoso Robin D. Laws (Gumshoe, Feng Shui) has written all about it in Gameplaywright book Hamlet’s Hit Points. In this seminar, he presents the nuts and bolts of his approach for analyzing stories in order to improve your RPG narrative. Bring your questions!

Will and I will be hosting Things You Think About Games, a laid-back thinking gamer’s roundtable. (Thursday, 10:00 am, Marriott Indiana Ballroom F)

The Gameplaywright book Things We Think About Games makes more than 100 assertions about games from the obvious-but-overlooked (‘In an RPG, all the characters are wearing pants’) to the deeply zen (‘Be aware that the other players are not necessarily playing for the same reasons you are’). Bring your own cunning, brilliant, or mad assertions to discuss and defend at this thinking gamer’s roundtable, back for its second year.