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Just a quick update for those of you who have noticed that Gameplaywright’s blog has left fallow for months: Things are afoot here at GPW but we’ve shifted from a short-term view to a long-term view for a while. We’re brewing up new books, for that long run, and the time for such thoughts and plans have come out of the time we might otherwise have to blog. We miss you all.

You have numerous outlets for games news, actual play, theory, and discussion, don’t you? Given the time we’re spending on projects for publication—both electronically and in print—we hope so, because it’ll be a while until we can blog here in any great capacity. It’s not that we’re not still thinking about games, stories, and the work. It’s that we’re pouring all of that into our work directly, lately. Stay tuned for announcements of new Gameplaywright Press books, down the line. I’m excited by the prospects but these things move slowly, these days.

In the meantime, I want to hear from you—you!—about where you are getting your news of games and stories. At what crossroads have you been standing, reading the postings put up by fellow travelers? In what ale houses are you trading tales of your games and the stories you’ve wrought? Who are you reading? What should we—all of usbe reading on these subjects?

Also, what have you been playing and what stories emerge from that play? Do tell.