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This Uncharted PS4 Trailer reveals that a new installment of the hit series is coming to the new PlayStation. Good. I came this close to shelling out for a Vita just to play Uncharted: Golden Abyss. (I settled for watching the cinematics on YouTube.)

Here’s the thing about this trailer and me: It’s possible that Uncharted may be using an idea I’ve tossed around for a while about the kind of villain I’d like to see in a future Uncharted-style adventure. This trailers seems to be from the perspective of the villain — a wronged villain left for dead by Drake or Sullivan on a previous adventure, perhaps? It seems to underline the antiheroism of our would-be heroes in the series. It could even take their sometimes callous disregard for henchmen and dramatize it into a major theme. What happens if one of the goons from a previous adventure graduates to full-on villain status after an encounter with Nathan Drake or Sully?

I have to hold off on buying a PS4 (or an Xbox One) for perhaps quite a while, but I’m looking forward to watching the cinematics for this new game on YouTube.