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The Ghostbusters’ proton-pack is the fantasy device second-most-urgently calling out to be adapted to the wiimote, right after the lightsaber.

Good news, then, that Ghostbusters 3 will be a video game. Though we’ll see versions for the 360, PS3, PS2 and Nintendo DS, it’s Ghostbusters for the Wii that’s got me thinking…

The wiimote is a roleplaying prop, isn’t it? It’s a multi-functional device morphed by your imagination and direct interface into some imaginary role in an imaginary setting. Thus, every Wii game is practically an RPG, or at least contains “RPG elements,” bordering on LARP.

Replica proton pack created and photographed by Matt Clark.Replica proton pack created and photographed by Matt Clark.Your acceptance of the wiimote as something other than it is — your “casting” of it into a role — flows back into you, transforming you into a roleplayer. When someone asks, you say, “I’m bowling,” not, “I’m using this plastic stick to convince the Wii that I’m bowling.” You make the wiimote into Link’s sword, and it makes you into Link.

If you play a wiigame, you are on some level a roleplayer. (Sorry and welcome, depending on how you see yourself.) Question is: Will you play along for the kicks, but withhold your investment so you won’t look like a goober, or will you wield your imaginary proton-pack with full-bodied joy, letting yourself buy into the play?

Will you be Venkman or Ray?