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On Wednesday evening at Jillian’s in Indianapolis, BoardGameGeek was deservedly awarded the Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming among a field of nominees that included BoardGameGeek, board game Chaos in the Old World, and roleplaying games Kagematsu and Montsegur 1244.

Matt Forbeck presented the award:

Thing 027 from Things We Think About Games is about awards:

Awards for games can mean a lot of things.

Some awards reflect informed opinions of play and popularity. Other awards just mean the game won a popularity contest, or just that a lot of people had heard of that game.

The argument that awards don’t many anything is well known. We can probably stop having that argument now.

The thing I like about the Diana Jones Award is that it’s not limited to recognizing games. BoardGameGeek is a great example of something great in our industry that ought to be honored. I’m glad to see that it was.