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I just re-ordered labels for playing card prototyping, and thought I’d share the specifics.

If you’re going to be mocking up game cards, you’re going to want 8-up name-tag size labels, 3.375 inches by 2.3125 inches. I have no idea what the Avery number is, but you’re a chump if you pay Avery prices, because you’re going to need an assload of these things. Buy them 100 sheets (or more) at a time from, where the stock number for these little guys is OL5030WX. Grab their PDF template for the labels’ arrangement on the page while you’re at the site, drop it onto a non-printing layer in InDesign (or whatever), and you’re ready to make some cards.

(In case it’s not obvious, the way you use these is to apply them to playing cards scrounged from among the commons of whatever CCG you’re not playing any more, to give your prototype decks scrupulously uniform backs. As your design evolves, just slap revised labels over the deprecated ones.)

Is this kind of info useful? It occurs to me that I could spew this kind of thing out all day.