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2010 is on its way out. You’ve played a lot of games this year. What sticks out? Not the titles—not just the titles—but the big wins and the bad beats. What do you recall from this year’s epic battles, risky bets, sly bargains, and other outré gaming maneuvers?

As a DM this year, I beheaded an Avenger PC in an ongoing D&D campaign that blended the Northlanders comic with The Lord of the Rings. That character was known for his deer-head mantle and it got cut away by an evil counterpart—an Avenger NPC worshipping a befouled vision of his same god. That battle ended, on an altar sinking into a volcano’s fiery mouth, with the heroic (and insane) PC dead, but the villainous Avenger met his end, too.

I also managed to make money playing Omaha High-Low for maybe the first time ever this year.

What about you?

What’s your game story for 2010?