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Today, on Twitter, Rob Donoghue (@RDonoghue) asked:

GMs: If you strongly object to dice fudging, do you equally strongly support data transparency, such as visible enemy stats & Powers?

After some dialogue, Tracy Hurley (@SarahDarkmagic) wrote:

To turn it around, why shouldn’t players fudge their own rolls so that they have more control over their own narratives?

All of which makes me want to zoom out a little bit and ask a survey question:

When do you fudge the dice? Why? Do you have predefined circumstances in which it’s legal to cheat? Do you go on instinct? Do you never fudge at all?

I imagine our answers will vary based on the games we play and why we play them—what we get out of play. That’s fine. Whenever the question of dice fudging comes up, I tend to think of D&D, the game in which I learned to fudge dice and became aware of why and when I did. Is it the lingua franca for this conversation?