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This was on BoingBoing, so maybe you’ve seen it already. This is a collection of handmade dungeon maps and notes for D&D campaigns, crafted back in the 1980s.

Maybe you’ve had this happen yourself. You find a manila folder (or Trapper Keeper or three-ring binder) from your youth, filled with painstakingly detailed maps of imaginary dungeon complexes. Memories come back in a flurry—memories of inspiration and expectation, of the made-up history of the place and the adventures that just might happen there. Or maybe these old documents come back to you anonymously and forgotten, as passersby from an another age of your life, as folks you knew before you were reincarnated.

Whatever. Whatever these maps are to you, they were a nostalgic reminder of another time, for me. I smiled and I thought you might, too.