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The Everyone Everywhere List—CoverA couple of months ago, I was bitching publicly on Twitter about having forgotten my copy of The Everyone Everywhere List at home, bemoaning that there was no PDF edition of this extensive set of names broken down by ethnicity. Josh Rensch to the rescue: He’s a friend of Eric Olsrud, the publisher. One thing led to another and it’s now available as a PDF on DriveThruRPG.

I’ve been using the paper edition of this product for what I’m pretty sure is more than a decade for screenwriting, game writing, and even at the game table. I’m thrilled to have a PDF so I’ll no longer want for an Eastern European name while I’m at the coffee shop.

Buy one. You’ll use it.

[Edit: I should have mentioned that Eric comped me a copy of the PDF. Please do not tell him that I’d have bought it for something like two or three times what he’s charing for the electronic edition. Back in the day, I bought the paper copy with my own paper money.]