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I’m sure you’ve been waiting with breath all bated for this. It’s my Gen Con Indy schedule for 2011. If you’re looking for me at Gen Con this year, you’ll find me at the following places (and at sundry other places in the gaps within this schedule).

You’ll notice that I don’t have a lot of open room to get in pick-up games. Origins was my game-playing convention this summer (to which PAX may be a sequel). Gen Con is my convention for talking about games, arranging for future business, meeting new people, and talking more about games. Also, I’ll be talking about games. And writing. And games.

If you see me at Gen Con, please do introduce yourself. As you can see, I won’t have a ton of free time, but meeting new people is one of my missions at Gen Con—it’s a convention priority right behind Don’t make too much of an ass of myself and Apologize for making an ass of myself.

If we’ve met in past years and I don’t remember your name or your face, I apologize in advance. Past Gens Con are blurs in a lot of ways. It’s likely that, even if I’ve misplaced your name, I was glad to meet you and will be glad to meet you again.

I’m a Guest of Honor at the convention this year (I’m crazy flattered by that), so that takes up some of my bandwidth at the show. I’m also devoting all the spare daytime hours I can manage to helping the awesome folks behind Games on Demand run great games and find new players for those great games. Games on Demand is a wonderful thing, made possible by ernest and lovely souls. I’ll just be standing near them while they do it.

If you’ve got my cell number, please status me on happenings at the convention with text messages rather than calling. I don’t answer the phone if I’m in the midst of another conversation, but I do check texts. I’m really looking forward to seeing so many delightful people this year, but a lot of those happy meetings only happen through the magic of text-orienteering.

Tell me what you’re playing, what you’re buying, and what you would be buying if it only it existed. I’ve got a modest game budget set aside for new and unexpected things this year and I’ll be counting on you to tell me what’s great on the exhibitor floor. Otherwise I’ll just be buying new cubes of six-siders, The One Ring, pipe tobacco, and loads of stuff from Pelgrane Press and the IPR booth.

If I miss you, have a safe and happy convention, travel well, and treat each other with grace and generosity.

Click on for my schedule. (Update: This is my public schedule. It does not contain certain key meetings and other locked-in events. Don’t be alarmed if our dinner, etc., is not on here.)


  • 10am—Things We Think About Games Roundtable @ Marriott’s Indiana Ballroom F
  • 11am—This Just In From Gen Con podcast
  • 12pm—Games on Demand/IPR booth
  • 3pm—Games & Stories seminar @ ICC 212
  • 5pm—Game Design panel @ ICC 212


  • 11am-1pm—Best. Games. Ever! panel @ ICC 212
  • 130pm—Games on Demand/IPR booth
  • 5pm—GMing panel @ ICC 212
  • 630pm—ENnie Awards @ 500 Ballroom


  • 8am-12pm—The One Ring game session
  • 1pm-4pm—Games on Demand/IPR booth
  • 5pm—Freelancing panel @ ICC 212


  • 12pm-330pm—The One Ring game session