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In case you don’t have enough to read already, I thought I’d bring two more RPG-related columns to your attention. Are you reading these already?

Back in September, the inestimable Monte Cook reunited with Wizards of the Coast and took over writing the Legends & Lore column online. In each column, Monte examines or reexamines some facet of D&D design and play, like the role of teamwork or the value of preserving elements of the game’s past.

After seeing Monte’s first column, on the role of Perception skills in D&D, Dungeon World co-designer and RPG aficionado Sage LaTorra took to writing response articles on his own site. Each time out, Sage takes the same topic that Monte’s just written about and looks at it through a different lens, invoking lots of other RPGs along the way. These aren’t necessarily challenging what Monte has written, week by week, but an effort to explore another, perhaps wider view of the subjects than the Legends & Lore column sometimes can.

On the one hand, I admit, I fear this might suggest a false dichotomy, as if RPG design consists of just two philosophies or camps—D&D and Everything Else. On the other hand, Sage is engaging in a sort of call-and-response thing with Monte’s ongoing column and I’ve found reading both columns to be wonderfully thought-provoking. Getting still more voices, with different design goals and histories, involved in a columnar conversation, week by week, would be wonderful. So read and respond, my friends, to either or both columns as you’re able. Let’s talk more.