A Grown-up Game Business

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On Facebook recently, my friend Miranda Horner — an accomplished game editor who works primarily on Dungeons & Dragons for Wizards of the Coast — posted this: I want my chosen industry, the tabletop gaming industry, to be so successful overall that it can afford to take people away from the computer gaming industry instead of […]

The Mariachi Metaphor

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Yesterday I read the most intelligent and least douchy thing I’ve ever read about making money from free-to-play games, in an interview with social game designer Brenda Brathwaite: Brathwaite explains [her studio’s] approach to monetization with a metaphor: A lone mariachi playing a song on one side of the street and someone asking for money on […]

We Don't Tell Stories Anymore

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Over the weekend, Will threw up a tweet pointing to a relatively short GQ piece called “The Day the Movies Died.” It laments Hollywood’s apparent wall-to-wall dismissal of Inception‘s critical and commercial success. [I]t’s really bad news when the industry essentially rejects a success, when a movie that should have spawned two dozen taste-based gambles […]

DIY Catan

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Brett Myers tweeted a link to a blog post examining the legal questions surrounding the recent availability of files for 3D-printing your own Settlers of Catan components. The analysis’s short answer: This probably does not violate any laws. Should this be illegal? Probably not. If this were illegal, it’s hard to know how the law […]


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Daniel Clark blogged at Lostgarden recently about the Declaration of Game Designer Independence. More interesting still is the unfiltered Project Horseshoe group report that includes and precedes the Declaration. It advocates—among other things—a certification board for game designers as an alternative to a guild or union. Worth reading.

Steve Long on Licensed RPGs

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The Indie Press Revolution blog posted an op-ed piece by Steve Long about licensed RPGs yesterday. You should read it. Steve argues that in the last decade the tabletop roleplaying hobby as a whole has been creatively diminished by the tendency of publishers to produce licensed games rather than creating new settings for their games. […]

Con-going Advice

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Gen Con is next week, so the advice for attendees is going around. The best advice I’ve ever read about convention attendance comes from Derek Sivers, who’s not a gamer (as far as I know). Even so, his advice on how to attend a music conference is also the best advice I’ve ever read for […]


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Craig Mod has written a profoundly beautiful and informative essay, “Kickstartup,” about how—and why—he used Kickstarter to republish his book Art Space Tokyo after it had fallen out of print. If you read nothing else this week, Craig’s essay deserves your time. He has achieved and effectively communicated what’s frankly profound insight about using Kickstarter […]

Do Game Designers Need an Organization?

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You’ve seen, probably, the recently released list of Origins Awards nominees for games released in 2009. I dig the Origins Awards. Congratulations to all of the fine nominees, many of whom are Friends of Gameplaywright. The Origins Awards are given annually by a body called the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design. The Academy […]

Arguing with the Line Editor

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Being a tabletop RPG’s line developer is an interesting job. It involves work that draws on diverse disciplines not frequently united in the same person. A good line developer has top-shelf creative chops, both in-the-trenches writing and editing abilities as well as long-term vision for a whole line of creative works. A line developer must […]