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IGN Australia asked a wide array of video-game developers about the role of storytelling in games and got a lot of good answers. In this first part of a three-part feature, IGN asks “How has storytelling in video games matured over the last decade or so? Has it matured?” and How sophisticated is video game storytelling compared to other mediums? Is there anything holding it back?”

If you’re like me, you’ll find lots of provocative material in this piece. Like this bit, from an answer to that first question from Quantic Dream’s David Cage:

I don’t think that storytelling in games has matured over the last decade. There are many reasons for this: the first one is that video games are still exclusively based on physical actions, whether it is shooting someone, destroying something or jumping on a platform. No decent story can be told where the hero can only do ten basic physical actions.

What do you think? What’re your answers to those IGN questions?