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Icons and Arrows for Omnigraffle

Helpful Gameplaywright reader Josh Street created an Omnigraffle stencil file out of the Hamlet’s Hit Points arrows and icons and sent it over to us. It’s been added to the original post where we put the HHP graphics up under a Creative Commons license....

We're Live on e23

Steve Jackson Games fans rejoice! As of yesterday, Hamlet’s Hit Points and Things We Think About Games are available from e23 in their PDF editions. Hamlet’s Hit Points PDF edition at e23. Things We Think About Games PDF edition at e23.

More HHP Graphic Formats

Last week, helpful Gameplaywright reader Matt Anderson sent over a set of Hamlet’s Hit Points arrows and icons that he simplified (without altering their appearance) and assembled into a symbol library for Illustrator. A couple of weeks ago, Simon Rogers sent...

GenCon HHP Seminar Audio

At our GenCon Hamlet’s Hit Points seminar, Gamer’s Haven was on hand to record audio of Robin’s presentation. Have a listen for the lowdown on HHP-style beat analysis, and some insightful Q&A.